Everyone wants to save money, we get it. That is why we offer specials. However, we only offer specials in the slower times of the school year. Generally speaking, those discounts get larger the slower those times are. We do not offer specials in April or May, as they are the two busiest months of the year.

When we do offer specials, they can be found in a variety of places. We may use our website, social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram), or partner with a teacher blogger. Sometimes, third party websites (that we have no affiliation with) add our specials to their sites. These sites may not have all the information that pertains to the special. Never use these codes.

For all specials, each one has a unique code, instructions, and an expiration date. Attempting to use an expired special will not be honored and likely delay your order. Please read the full details of a special before trying to use it on your order.

As always, the teacher’s shirt is always free! To take advantage of this offer, read our FAQ.

Thank you!