Shipping charges to the continental US are included in the cost of Classroom Faces Class Shirts. Shipping times shown in the map below are IN ADDITION to the turnaround time listed in the upper left corner of this website.


Mailing Labels (optional)
When you mail your orders to us, you can print out, cut, and tape one of the two pre-made address labels so you don’t have to write it yourself:

If the shipping address you send us is not correct and UPS bills us for the error (i.e. wrong zip code, street address, or shipping to a house when a school name is on the form, etc.) you will be invoiced for the cost of the error plus a $10 service fee.

Shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the US will be our actual costs. We can estimate these charges ahead of time; however, we won’t know exact cost until we are able to weigh your shipment. We suggest you use a credit card to cover shipping costs.


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