Custom Handprint t-Shirts

Custom handprint t-shirts can be found all over the Internet.  However, most of those shirts feature a generic handprint.  The “custom” part of the shirt is the name drop.  That doesn’t sound unique to us!  Who wants a handprint shirt with someone else’s handprint?


At A+ Images, we can do better!  We have two options for custom handprint t-shirts. First, we offer the ability to use handprints instead of drawings for our Classroom Faces class shirts.  These shirts were designed for kids to draw their own picture and write their own name.  However, if children are too young to draw themselves, a handprint can be used instead!

Instead of using one of our templates, use a blank white sheet of paper for each student.  Under the print, write the child’s name.  Keep the name relative in size to the print.  We will shrink the entire image to fit on the shirt.  If the name is too small to start, it may be too small to read once the whole design in shrunk.   Black finger-paint is the best paint to use for the Classroom Faces style shirts.  We can change the black to another color when we print the shirts. 

Alternatively, you may want to use hand prints for something other than a class shirt.  In this case, it is best to contact us directly or submit a quote through our main website.  It is hard for us to tell you exactly what you need to do without knowing what you want done.  Ideally, you’d fit one or more handprints on a piece of paper.  You could use colored finger-paint to do this.  We would scan in the handprints and import them to our graphics software.  From there, we can edit them and add text or other pictures.  The result would be a completely custom handprint t-shirt. 

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